Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Slimfast 321 Plan review: What is it & preparing for the start!

My weight has been steadily creeping up since I left university, add a new sedentary desk job and the festive period into the mix, and it has practically snowballed. I worked really hard to get my weight down at the end of university and, although it is entirely my fault, I do feel cheated that it has crept up so quickly.Whilst overall I am not extremely unhappy with my body (there have been a few tears when clothes no longer fit) I know I felt happier and healthier when had lost some weight. 

Slimfast has been something that I have always seen, but never quite focused on, it instead hovered in my periphery vision as I browsed the make up aisles of Boots. However, when I received an email inviting me to take the 321 3 week challenge I felt like it was exactly what I needed, and I decided to use it as a way to kick my bad eating habits and start afresh!

So what is the Slimfast 321 plan? The plan consists of swapping to of your meals a day with a replacement shake or meal bar, these allow you to have all the nutrients you need whilst lowering your calories - the aim is to have a total calorific intake of 1,200-1,400 per day. To help fulfill this aim you can also have 3 snacks a day, and one calorie controlled meal - 600 for women, 800 for men (You can see all the products here). During this plan you must keep up your water intake and try and do some exercise, things we should be doing anyway! The plan is recommended for those who have  a BMI or 25 or above, which you can work out using a BMI Calculator. However, as Slimfast say on their website, your ideal weight is one where your 'physical and mental health is best promoted' and is not easily defined by a BMI number. So please don't let the little number rule your entire life, or get you too upset.

Lastly, how am I feeling about the imminent plan? Well, although I am pretty apprehensive about not  having 3 regular meals a day, I am  actually quite excited. I have tried WeightWatchers before and it was an utter failure, I am just far too lazy to weigh things out etc, so this plan seems perfect for me. Of course I am not looking forward to the feeling of hunger, but 3 snacks with what is essentially 3 meals sounds like it should be enough to stop the dreaded grumble, we shall see! In terms of preperation I have actually just not been denying myself anything, then if anyone gives me a look I simply retort with 'I am having milkshakes as my meals next week ok...milkshakes.'(Can you tell that I love my food!)

My plan is to do regular posts like these, maybe one a week showing what meals I have had, how I am finding the plan, if I stuck to it etc what do you think?

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Safa facial skin care - review & giveaway!

Safa is a brand that has a very strong focus on nature and what it can provide. Recently I have become a lot more aware of what I am actually putting on my skin, and try to be as gentle and natural as possible, so I was very intrigued when Safa contacted me.

Safa have just 2 tag lines attached to their products; Organic and Halal. If you, like me, are a tad confused ( call me ignorant, but I had only ever heard of Halal being used in reference to meat products) it just means that there are no alcohol or animal-derived ingredients in the products, so they are certified Halal by the Muslim Food Board. I think this is great as there are a lot of products that contain alcohol or animal products which can make them unsuitable for use by many people, including Vegans, Muslims and those with sensitive skin.

The packaging of the product is nice and simple, and really reflects the natural ethos of the brand. The milk itself is very lightweight and has a gorgeous herbal-lavender scent thanks to the many oils, including lavender(duh!), that it contains ( it actually smells very similar to my Caudalie purifying mask!).

There are 3 main oils which are present in the cleansing milk; Rosehip, Sweet Almond and Calendula. Safa claim that this mix;
'allows for immediate and visible skin regeneration with a mild anti-wrinkle effect...your skin will feel more fresh and restored...recommended for those with acne because it is lightweight and will not block your pores'

Safa recommend using the milk twice if you are wearing a lot of make up, and this I totally agree with. This product worked best for me when used either on a light layer of make up (it didn't remove waterproof or heavy eye make up!) or my personal preference, a make up-free face.

The lightweight formula didn't clog my pores and left my skin feeling clean and fresh but not stripped. The scent worked really well to either wind me down before bed, or give me a moments peace before a hectic day! My skin has been very temperamental lately, with hormonal breakouts and redness galore. I found this cleansing milk to be deliciously cooling and soothing, and I love that there are no harsh chemicals to further irritate my skin. I cannot comment on the anti-wrinkle effect as I don't really have any, but my skin is cleansed, calmer and very soft after use.
If this sounds like your kind of product, then you are in luck as I have one to give away! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below:

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p.s This is for U.K followers only I am afraid! But Safa will soon be for sale in Holland and Barret online where it will be delivered worldwide!

Monday, 22 December 2014

LOOK beauty at Tk Maxx: Glow and Go, Stretch factor, and Cherry Bomb lipstick review.

Whilst having a mooch around to Maxx the other day I saw that they had quite a large selection of Look Beauty products, with all the products around the 1.99 mark. I couldn't resist picking up a gorgeous looking red lipstick, a mascara and a liquid highlighter. I am unsure as to where else you can purchase these products, they used to be a superdrug exclusive but I can't find them on the website, leave a comment if you know! 

As always the highlighter is impossible to capture!  I am unsure of where I stand on Glow and Go and think I need to give it more testing. Unlike the usual pink or gold toned highlighter this product has both colours running through, kind of like a petrol slick looks like on the ground. It definitely adds a glow-y sheen and for the size of the product you really can't go wrong. So far I have only used it like a traditional highlight (along my cheek bones etc). As it is such good value I am going to try mixing it with foundations and primers, something I cant bring myself to do with my high end ones! I would recommend trying it out if you spot it in tk maxx.

Next is the mascara, my lashes are very stubby and I am always looking for mascara that promise length, so the name of this one really jumped out at me. I bought it in Brown/black as I wanted something a bit softer to wear at the  office and for minimal-makeup days. The brush is a spiky plastic one, which I actually really like. This mascara does indeed stretch my lashes and also gives great definition, a perfect everyday mascara which is exactly what I wanted. It is lacking slightly in the volume department, so if I was to wear this on a night out I would layer it with a more volumising formula, getting the best of both products!

Lastly is the lipstick in the shade Cherry Bomb. For me this is the star of the show, with everything from packaging to longevity going far beyond it's 1.99 price tag. The sleek packaging has an embossed lid, giving it a very Burberry-feel, the only downside is the magnetic closure. Whilst providing a satisfying click the closure does not feel very secure, so I wouldn't take this lippie travelling much. The colour is an amazing slightly pink toned red and it dries to a satin finish. It had a good 3 hours wear which would have lasted longer, I think, if I didn't stuff my face with dinner and a drink ( from a bottle too, lipsticks worst enemy!). This colour would be amazing for the festive season, for 1.99 you simply have to try it if you can! 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Your Dreamcatcher Clothing

A while ago I was given the chance to choose an item from Your Dreamcatcher clothing to try out. Seeing that winter was closing in, and nights getting progressively chillier, I was drawn to the warmest looking item in the site - the tracksuits.

The item arrived very quickly and nicely packaged bearing the Your Dreamcatcher logo. The actual quality of the garment itself is very good, the lining is that glorious fluffy-felty-cosy material that is so soft against your skin. The logo is placed on the top of the leg, which adds a nice bit of interest without being too distracting.  The length and fit of the legs is perfect for me, not too tight, just relaxed and roomy. However, I do have a bit of a niggle with the waist. In most shops I am inbetween sizes, so I sized up just to be sure. Lets be honest, you kind of can with loungewear as the whole idea of it is to be comfy and non-restricting. As I have said before, the legs were perfect for me. The waist, a little too large, so firstly, size down if you are a fellow inbetweener. Secondly, take note that these tracksuits do not have an elasticated waist like most usually do. They instead just have a drawstring to tie and tighten the garment to your desired fit. This isn't really the most practical if you are quite an active person at home. Lots of moving around means knots will loosen, trousers will slip down and knickers will be on show. However, if you are quite a sedentary person, which I most definitely am when I am lounging around my home, then you shouldn't really encounter any problems, so it doesn't bother me that much.

I think these will make a great early present for yourself this Christmas, as they will most definitely keep you warm and snug throughout the cold months (and with the English summer you will probably be wearing them all year round!)

grey, cosy, warm
 Unfortunately I am still having camera issues, so the photo is from the Your Dreamcatcher website, will replace as soon as I can!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 review.

Hello, I am back! Between going to Greece on holiday and starting a new job I haven't had time for much else, but I'm getting there. 

Today I am going to show you the latest offering from the infamous Urban Decay Naked range; Naked Basics 2. I bought this on a brilliant shopping website; Cohorted. This site offers discounts on a whole host of brilliant products, and the more people shop, the more the price drops! (nice little rhyme there). So I received my palette for around £15. 

The palette is made up of 6 cool toned eye shadows, all matte aside from 'skimp' which has a slightly more satin finish, making it perfect for highlighting (Can I just quickly mention, the lady at the UD counter suggested that warmer colours would suit my colouring more, but I actually think these look great, so don't let the 'rules' of make up put you off!). The shade range is great, as it has light, medium and dark colours, all you need to make any look.

 I actually love this palette for popping into my 'commute make up bag' (yes, I am the person who does their make up on the train) as the colours lend themselves perfectly for an everyday look and the case is nice and compact, but still has a decent mirror in the lid. My usual look for work would be to sweep Skimp on the inner half of my eye and under my brown bone with Stark blended into the outer half. Then I add a bit of definition along my lashline and crease using either Frisk, Cover or Primal (depending on my mood) and I am done! If I want to smoke up my look after work I can easily do that using Undone. These shadows blend so smoothly and easily, and all though there is a bit of product displaced when you put your brush to the powder, there is no fall out on the eye.

I also love using these shades to fill in my brows, and reckon you could get a contour our of it too if you're in a pinch, so it's a multi tasking marvel!

 Have you tried this palette yet, what do you think?

make up

make up, eye shadow, cool toned

make up, eye shadow

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I'm going on holiday!

Less than a week until I leave for my holiday! So, to get into the spirit of things I have selected 3 dresses from the quiz website, that I would wear in 3 different holiday situations.

                              1                                                                   2                                                                 3                                     

1. First up is   Hot pink textured tunic I think this is perfect for a daytime/beach dress. On holiday you have to go bright, and this block pink dress is really eye catching. The loose fit will stop the unpleasant sticky feeling from tight clothing in hot weather, and keep everything nice and breezy.

2. Then we have the Tribal print maxi which is ideal for a trip to the pool bar or restaurant in the evenings. Still nice and loose with a lovely tribal print that just screams 'holiday!'. A swoosh of body shimmer over the shoulder and collarbones will make the most of this neckline, and hopefully your tan!

3. Lastly, the Coral v-neck embellished dress this is my holiday clubbing look, still nothing too tight, and still a holiday bright holiday, but set off with beautiful gems. A tan will be shown to perfection with bare arms, legs and chest. 

What do you think of my picks, would you wear them?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A free Kindle e-book review: 'Sea Sisters'

I love my Kindle, mostly because there are so many free books to read, and more often than not they are really good. 'Sea Sisters' is definitely in my top 3 books that I have read on my Kindle (and I have read a lot!).  It follows a haunting tale of a woman who loses her sister in somewhat tragic circumstances, and her struggle to understand and come to terms with her death. This journey to acceptance takes her to many different countries, following in the footsteps of her sibling, with just her journal as a guide. I got completely caught up in the ride of this book, and even thought to myself 'I don't want to read another book for a while' when I had finished, as I just needed to reflect a bit more. My mum has read this book also and loved it just the same. If you have a kindle I highly recommend you download it, it's free so you have nothing to lose!