Friday, 18 April 2014

Benefit Peek-a-bright eyes review.

Not so long ago I received a gorgeous box of goodies from Jess at starvioletbeauty from a competition win. One of the pieces inside was this benefit eye shadow kit! I have never owned any benefit eye shadows but I love their mascara and blush so was pretty darn excited to try this out.

How adorable is this little kit! it comes with 3 eye shadows, a base, a contour and a highlight, and then a creamy highlighter. Plus it even has mini brushes which, surprisingly, aren't that bad! The concealer brush is a little stiff but I love the contour and liner brush, the contour one is so soft, it's great to finally have a decent 'mini' brush! These shadows are seriously pigmented, you really only need the tiniest touch with your brush, especially on the brown shade! They also lasted pretty well on me without any creasing, with no primer! In the pictures below I have the matt 'buff' shade under my brow, the 'pearly pink' on my lid and the 'warm chocolate' through my crease, I then popped the cream highlighter in my inner corners. Benefit suggest using the 'buff' shadow as a base and the 'pearly pink' as a highlight, but I wasn't feeling shimmer under my eyebrows so just switched them round. I am still trying to figure out what is the best settings for my camera so bare with, and if you have any suggestions then please pop them below. So here is my quick bright eye using this palette: 

I really don't think these photos do this lovely little palette justice, I will definitely try and get some better ones! Overall, I love this palette, it has a good mix of colours that can also be used to create a more smokey evening look, stays put sans primer and is in a compact (if a little fat) case which is good for travelling.

Monday, 14 April 2014

My colourful jewellery

If you saw my guest post over on you will know that I promised to put up my colourful jewellery collection, well (finally!) it is here!

The elastic bracelets: 
You can pick these up anywhere, some more expensive than others depending on what is actually on the elastic, but these are a fun  and easy to add some colour and dimension to an outfit. I love that because they are elastic and wont flop about up and down my arm either. The red stones are such a gorgeous colour and the blue have an iridescent shine about them which actually harbours so many colours! The green-y turquoise bracelet is one that is most suited to just the warmer months and looks awesome next to a tan.

The statement necklace:

This necklace I actually received as a set complete with some earrings from a twitter give away yonks ago (sorry, I can't remember who!).  This is my ultimate statement necklace for if I am going to an evening dinner or a sophisticated event, I mostly pair it with plain dresses to let the gorgeous colour and detail take centre stage.

The stone necklace:
I picked this beauty up in a charity shop for under a couple of quid! If you are lucky enough to be heading to a festival this year then I think these kind of necklaces have such a relaxed boho vibe about them and work great to add some interest to an outfit. I never realised just the amount of natural detail was in the stone until I looked at this macro photo! I can see this being a favourite over the upcoming months.

The heart stone necklace: 

I can see this being one of my favourite pieces to wear this SS14, just with denim shorts and a white cami, a nice pop of colour that isn't too out there. The stones in the heart are milky amber (I didn't know it existed either) and turquoise and I think they are just to die for. I see this being lovely with any white item of clothing (and a tan if I am luck to get one) and I can't wait to incorporate this into some outfits for the warmer months!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Diet update

So I thought I would do a quick update on my diet/weight-loss journey and also share with you my favourite tip, don't do it alone!

 My total weight-loss is 21.4 lbs, but this is yo-yo-ing quite a bit as I struggle with the snacking and bad food choices that goes hand in hand with 'final months of university' panic! One thing that is keeping me on track is having my house mate on the same journey too, we can share healthy dinners give each other encouragement and also enjoy treats together too, it just makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable! I have also seen a serious increase in my green tea intake, green tea has many health benefits so I have tried to reach for it more often, but it sometime slips my mind. Now, I feel like I am on a double tea schedule, as whenever my friend is making one she will ask if I want one, and vice versa, meaning we both up our intake of the good stuff!

Avocados are also something that I am trying to incorporate into my diet more, I am going to do a post soon on what recipes I have been using. Other than that I have just been trying to make healthy choices and squishing some form of exercise into my day, even if it is just a lap around uni in my study breaks!

I use my fitness pal to track my calories and keep an eye on my progress, it is so satisfying to see the numbers go down! However, I have just recently downloaded DietPoint, it is to soon for me to judge yet but what I do like about it is that it gives you a range of meal plans to choose from and set shopping lists, which is brilliant as I always get so distracted in the supermarket.  The down-side is at the moment it is looking like you have to pay for the full version to really get the benefits, I will see how I go but may just end up using the information available as inspiration!

How are you doing with your journey, I am always available for some support if you tweet me @emmiegeeblog

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Instant Abstract

I just had to show this gorgeous nail combination to you all, Leighton Denny''s Instant Abstract (I can only find it on QVC) and CND Vinylux Blue Rapture I think it is such a lovely effect and colour on the nails! Of course for a cheaper version you can try Loreal's Confetti topcoat and Barry M Cyan Blue!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

£10 Topshop beauty haul

So,l I am cheating a little bit with the name, if I used my student discount it would have been just under £10 (forgot my card, damn!) without it, it was just over, So I thought I would go in between. All of these pieces were picked up in the sale on a cheeky lunch break shop.

I thought the nail files were a steal at 50p, there is a hard one for filing ridges and a softer one for buffing nails and the furry animal print makes it hard for them to get lost and quite nice to hold.  I have never tried any of Topshops lip products, so when I saw this lip bullet duo down to £7 I thought I would give it a go! There were a few shade options, I opted for the pack which included 'Cherry Tree' and 'Tamed' as one is a neutral wearable shade and the other a bit more va-va-voom. They feel nice and creamy an the lips but perhaps aren't as long wearing some other products I own, still pretty good for the price though.  Lastly, this lovely metallic eye cream quad, coming in at just £3! These colours apply beautifully and give such a gorgeous sheen and light to the eye. I have not experienced any creasing yet but I do tend to define the crease with a darker powder shadow, which will probably help in that respect. Overall I am very happy with my purchases and think I did rather well, I will definitely be keeping my eye out for reduced beauty bits in the future!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Birchbox purchases: The Balm NudeTude Palette and BeautyBlender

I have been a loyal subscriber of Birchbox for a while, so much so that I had actually managed to rack up a decent amount of points, which can be used to buy items from their shop. The first thing into my basket was a BeautyBlender, because there was an unfortunate incident where my mum thought mine was rubbish and threw it away (I died a bit inside). Being so darn expensive I could never bring myself to replace it from my own pocket. However, I am glad it is back in my life, as nothing blends my make up so flawlessly into my skin leaving it with such a perfect but natural finish. Next into my basket came TheBalm cosmetics Nude'tude eyshadow palette I remember seeing this raved about on essiebutton and as I own no high end eye shadows I just couldn't help myself! I also received a beautiful black and gold bag from Cynthia Rowley as I spent over a certain amount. I was so excited for my order to arrive and to get playing with the products (sorry for the quality, I have left my memory card + reader at the boyfs so phone it is!)

I won't repeat my love for the Beautyblender, but instead move onto the palette. The packaging feels nice and sturdy, though I will admit that it does irk me the eye shadows are not straight. However, the actual eye shadows themselves are lovely, the pigmentation is awesome and the variety of colours allow for both subtle and dramatic looks. Initially I thought the glitter colours applied a little patchier than the others, but it was actually my primer that was causing this (stay tuned to find out which). Really they all apply lovely and blend out impeccably well. I used the Rimmel exaggerate primer when I used these shadows, but in all honestly I think it is pretty rubbish, so credit to the shadows themselves for lasting all night with hardly any creasing!